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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Sargent’s Fine Catering handle special dietary needs?

A: Absolutely. Sargent’s Fine Catering is familiar with most dietary restrictions. In addition, we are capable of preparing a kosher menu, but do not have a kosher kitchen.

Q: Will Sargent’s Fine Catering do a tasting?

A: Yes. Tastings are available at the discretion of Sargent’s Fine Catering.

Q: How many servers will I need, amount of staff time, and is this cost included?

A: Staffing is based on the type of event, the number of guests and the projected duration of the event, including our on-site prep and setup time before the event, and the breakdown and cleanup time after the event is over. An estimate is submitted to the client that reflects the personnel needs based on these criteria. The food costs include only the food unless otherwise noted. Sargent’s Fine Catering does provide an “average cost per event” sheet to assist the client in the initial budgeting process. A line-item breakdown of personnel costs based on actual time will be included on your final invoice.

Q: Does Sargent’s Fine Catering provide bartenders?

A: Yes, Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) certified bartending staff is available and this service is estimated on the preliminary invoice.

Q: Do your services include pickup and cleanup during event?

A: Yes, always.

Q: Are china, glassware, flatware, linens and catering equipment included?

A: All rentals are priced separately and included in the preliminary estimate. This is necessary because of the unique requirements of each custom event. Tableware, flatware and glassware are based on guaranteed guest count, and may increase or decrease prior to the event based on your final count. Buffet serviceware, linens, tables and chairs are based on both the guest count and the event style chosen by the client. Additional on-site kitchen equipment for food preparation and service may also be required, depending on the capabilities or limitations of the venue. Specialty items such as tents and dance floors require final commitments and guarantee of payment several days before the event due to delivery schedules and their on-site assembly. We use proven, industry-leading rental providers, who can provide the services, equipment and latest styles in the quantities you need. We also have our own rental inventory, which is available for small to medium-size events or as supplementary to the rental providers on larger events.

Q: Does Sargent’s Fine Catering charge for cake cutting service?

A: No. This service is complimentary. Sargent’s Fine Catering also provides our cake cutting utensils at no extra cost.

Q: What are payment requirements, including deposit and balance due?

A: A prepayment of $1,000.00 is required to hold an event for the contracted date. Client may forfeit all or part of this prepayment if event is canceled within 90 days prior to event; however, this prepayment can be applied to an available and mutually agreed alternative date and time if done so within 90 days of the event. Full payment of the preliminary estimate and the final guest count is required 5 business days prior to the event, payable to Sargent’s Fine Catering. Client may forfeit all payments if event is canceled five days prior to the event by client. Your guaranteed minimum guest count is due 10 days prior to the event. Prices are subject to change, due to market pricing and availability from food suppliers, which is beyond our immediate control; the client will be informed of such changes prior to the event.

Q: Does Sargent’s Fine Catering accept credit cards?

A: Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. We do, however, charge the client a service fee for credit card usage, based on prevailing merchant rates, as most of our clients pay by either check or cash.

Q: Are taxes included?

A:Tennessee sales and use tax is included on the preliminary estimate and on the final invoice. If the client is a 501(c)3 organization (which is exempt from federal taxes), we require a completed and signed copy of the current Tennessee Sales and Use Tax Exempt Certificate (Form 0003101, dated July 1, 2003 or later) to be received by us prior to the event, in order to be exempt from the Tennessee state sales and use tax. A 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that does not have this Tennessee exemption certificate is required by law to pay the Tennessee sales and use tax. Also please note that the financially responsible party (payer) must be the same as the named entity listed on the exemption certificate in order for the event to maintain this tax-exempt status.

Q: Are gratuities included?

A: Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in either the preliminary estimate or the final invoice unless the client or designated representative has specifically pre-authorized an amount or percentage. Gratuities are to be earned; we do not automatically add a flat percentage to the final total. Should a client wish to add a gratuity after the event, there is a line on the final invoice where the client may add an amount for all staff who worked on the event. Our staff does indeed appreciate any such special consideration.

Q: What is Sargent’s Fine Catering’s postponement/cancellation policy due to weather conditions?

A: If an event is canceled due to inclement weather and road conditions, the event may be rescheduled to an available and mutually agreeable alternative date and time. The client will be responsible for only the food costs and incurred cost for the original event, as well as the full costs for the rescheduled event.