Full-service caterer serving the greater Nashville area.
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Sargent’s Fine Catering pays particular attention to the legal operation of our business, the ethical treatment of our employees, and the protection of our clients.

Regulatory Compliance

Sargent’s Fine Catering is in compliance with applicable county, state and federal regulations regarding health, food safety, insurance and labor laws. We practice safe food storage, preparation, transportation and handling in compliance with guidelines by the State of Tennessee, and our kitchen is regularly inspected by the Williamson County Health Department, with an “excellent” rating. Sargent’s Fine Catering is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or veteran status in employment opportunities. Sargent’s Fine Catering abides by applicable Wage & Hour requirements, as well as the withholding and payment of federal and state employment taxes for our staff and operations.

Bartending Services

Bartenders under contract with Sargent’s Fine Catering are trained and licensed by the Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission.

Insurance Coverage

Automobile, professional and general liability insurance coverage of $2,000,000, along with state-required workers compensation insurance on all of our employees and subcontractors, is included in Sargent’s Fine Catering’s costs. Such insurances provide coverage to client property, vehicles, services and personal injury, and can indeed result in higher food and labor costs when compared to other, sub-standard caterers and staffing-providers who do not provide these levels of required and voluntary protection. Copies of our certificate of coverage are available upon request. Named Additional-Insured Coverage (an additional layer of insurance required by some venues) will result in an additional insurance surcharge payable by the client, unless this requirement is waived in writing by the venue. For the record, our insurance history has been rated “excellent” in all categories, due to our continuous practice of proper risk-management procedures