Get to know the owner. A chat with John Howard.

For those of you who’ve trusted Sargent’s with taking care of your catering needs, you’ve most likely met John Howard. He takes catering seriously and is very active in every aspect of his business. He and his beautiful wife Pat and the rest of the Sargent’s Fine Catering family will ensure that your event will go off without a hitch and that you will be pleased from beginning to end.

John Howard, Sargent's Fine Catering

John Howard, Sargent’s Fine Catering


Where are you from?

After several stops, my family ended up in Gross Pointe, MI.

When did you get into the catering business?

I bought the business from Janie and Bob Sargent in 1997.

What is your favorite food that Sargent’s offers?

American fusion and ethnic foods of all kinds.

What is your favorite cuisine?


What is your favorite city to visit? Why?

Lakeland, FL. That is where my daughter lives.

What local farms do you utilize?

Green Door Gourmet, Johnny Howell’s, Green Pastures, Smiley’s, Delvin Farms, etc. Not a farm but I like Produce Place and Gulf Pride Seafood.

What makes Nashville special in your opinion?

Nashville has become a destination city. Vibrant, active and growing. Lots of music, arts and great food. The people are self reliant and friendly.

What makes Sargent’s unique?

Great tasting, good looking food. We shop fresh. We protect our clients by doing everything legally. We stay true to our Mission Statement.

It’s time to decide what you’re having for your last meal. You choose:

Fried Chicken. I love it but I rarely eat it.