Get to know Sherri Cark, Event Sales and Coordination Manager at Sargent’s Fine Catering

If you have used Sargent’s Fine Catering for your catering needs, you have certainly conversed with Sherri Clark. She plays many roles at Sargents, from sales, to event coordinating, to managing event personnel. Her bright personality and extensive knowledge of the catering industry makes her not only a valuable asset to the family here at Sargent’s but also to you, our customer.


Sherri Clark, Event Sales and Coordination

Sherri Clark, Event Sales and Coordination

Where are you from?

Short answer since I come from a military family… born in Madrid, Spain, last lived in Houston Texas.

 What drew you to the service industry?

I was 21 and thought it was time to get my first job so I walked into a restaurant in a mall one day. They hired me and probably regretted it soon after. I was a terrible waitress. Somehow I managed to prevail and later became their corporate trainer.

What other companies have you worked for?

I was the General Manager of a trendy restaurant in Houston – Ruggles Grill and later La Strada.  I moved to Nashville with my “then boyfriend” to be a part of F. Scott’s of which he was co-owner. Through a friend’s recommendation I meet John Howard and found the world of catering.

 How long have you been with Sargent’s?

This year I will celebrate my 9th anniversary.

 What, in your opinion, are the most important steps that a caterer can take to make interactions with the customer unique and special?

At Sargent’s it’s all about the client. We go out of our way to accommodate their wishes. We are all very personable here and many of our clients are considered family. It’s just the little things we do that separate us from other caterers. Our clients are given our personal cell numbers to call us anytime if they need something. We are like a family and we all enjoy working for John and Pat whom stay true to our Mission Statement.

 What is your job title and what does it entail?

Event Sales and Coordination – I’m also the personnel manager. I wear many hats, one being John’s right arm! I mostly relate with the clients, getting them John’s and chef Terry’s menus, doing the preliminary estimates, ordering rentals, staffing the events and giving the staff the event information needed, answering the phone, and doing emails all day long.  I am surrounded by amazing people to make this all happen.

 If I were to call Sargent’s in need of catering, what would I notice about my interaction with you that makes Sargent’s different from other caterers?

Everyone here is so nice that it is easy to develop a personal relationship with our clients. First of all we are accessible, dependable, honest, and work very hard to meet their dreams as well as their budget. We guide them through the process and help them with suggestions and ideas. We take the time to listen and we are excited about their event as they are.

 What is your favorite part of being part of the Sargent’s Fine Catering family?

The answer is in the question- Being part of Sargent’s family. It’s like no other.

If you knew that tomorrow was your last, what would you choose as your last meal?

Loaded question for me! First I would say – the creamiest chocolate cake in the world- then I think why I would eat something that would make me feel all full and yucky with so little time. I would be on the phone or something! 🙂