Sargent’s Fine Catering’s Mission Statement


*People matter most.
This is why we are in the business. We never forget we are a service industry. We appreciate our clients and staff.
*Local is priority.
We always try to support local businesses. Our local vendors are a priority.
*Seasonal makes sense.
We try to develop our menus around what foods are seasonally available.
*Authenticity rules.
We are true to our company’s spirit, personality and character.
*Delicious trumps.
Everything we create and produce tastes and looks great. Always.
*Pretense loses.
Everything we say and do can be supported.
*Comfort feels good.
We want our clients, staff and vendors to be stress free by creating a comfortable and safe working environment.
*Appreciation tastes better.
We want our clients, staff and vendors to know we appreciate them.
*Prudence sustains it all.
We are skillful in the use of resources, shrewd and discreet in the affairs of our clients.